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  Angela Robertson

Meet Angela Robertson of NW Austin's "Spicewood Strings" Violin & Viola Studio. With a BA of Music Education from UT Austin and over 20 years' experience teaching the Suzuki Method to 3-18 year old students, Angela thrives on helping her students develop confidence, discipline, and an appreciation for music. 
The philosophy and teachings of Shinichi Suzuki resonate with Angela's belief that every child can learn musical ability while also developing a beautiful heart. The Suzuki Method is based on the theory that a child can learn music in much the same way they learn their native language, by listening, repetition, and step-by-step mastery in a loving, encouraging environment that develops the whole child.
While Angela's students have excelled in recitals, auditions, and statewide competitions, Angela lends her talents to many distinguished orchestras and ensembles across Texas. She has appeared on stage with Willie Nelson, The Who, Celtic Women, and Andrea Bocelli. Beyond her professional endeavors, Angela cherishes her role as mother to two wonderful children and three rambunctious cats. She enjoys video games, card games, traveling the world, and exploring the scenic trails of Walnut Creek and Turkey Creek here at home.